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Web Design & SEO for Fremantle. We offer website packages & Local SEO services all around the Fremantle area

SEO Fremantle

Seo for Fremantle business websites is so important in regards to the large numbers of diverse small businesses. SEO for your website will increase your online visibility not only to the local community, but also the large number of tourists & day visitors.

There are 5 beaches in Fremantle, the boat harbour as well as the port, all making them attractions by incorporating facilities and businesses around them, so residents and visitors can blend with what the city is about.

The biggest employing industry is health care and social assistance, largely due to the fact that with over 2000 registered businesses, 75% of them employ less than 5 people.

For your business all of this means that people are drawn to Fremantle, for a variety of reasons, and an opportunity exists, no matter how small your business, for your business to thrive in this area. The key to this is to be noticed, and building a website with mobile device capabilities, incorporating SEO into the website and providing the off site SEO, as it is in two stages, means that when people are doing an internet search, you will be more easily found.

Encompass Web Design pride themselves on building websites to build your business, and in an area where there is high competition for small businesses, creating a website to meet your ideals and requirements will indeed prove the winning formula for you and your target audience. Contact us today.

A view of Fremantle markets, with a view down an alley with market stall down the right hand side. Local fremantle business need SEO to promote their businesses into the wider community


How SEO helps your Fremantle Business Website

Genuine Leads

Genuine leads from customers looking for your products & services.

Higher Traffic

A higher position on Google will gain more traffic and brand awareness.

Increase Customers

Increased traffic improves customer awareness and sales enquiries.

Local SEO and how it can help small business in the Fremantle Region

Fremantle is a unique port city, & it rose to fame globally by the America’s Cup Yacht Race in 1987.  Even today, visitors are drawn to the area by this. Fremantle blends the old with the new, celebrating the history of the area by keeping and maintaining the old Victorian architecture, maritime history and the remains of Australia’s British colonial history.  New buildings are designed to blend with the old, and each is therefore celebrated individually and as a whole.

Fremantle has a working port, and instead of the ships being nestled away out of eyesight, they become part of the landscape and the experience of this city, adding to the celebration of its culture.

The music and arts community are large in this area, with annual music festivals held here, and its own Arts Centre that has been designed to draw the public in.

Sport is also huge in Fremantle, not just for the America’s Cup, but it has hosted World Sailing Championships, has its own AFL team, and the local cricket club has produced some well-known players, most recently Shaun and Mitch Marsh.

SEO for Fremantle & surrounds

Fremantle has a diverse business structure and a large number of small businesses.

With millions of day tourist visits per year, it’s imperitive that businesses relying on tourist traffic optimise their websites for mobile phone searches from local visitors.

Contact us below and get your Fremantle business optimised for the web with our SEO packages for Fremantle.

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Web Design Fremantle

Optimised for SEO & Speed

Web Design Fremantle

Complete Website packages for Fremantle small businesses

 Our complete website packages can give your Fremantle business the complete online presence needed.

Fremantle all inclusive website packages can include:

  • Australian Domain name
  • Australian Web hosting
  • Website platform of your choice
  • SSL Certificate
  • Written content
  • SEO

Everything from start to finish is included. Search for your domain name now!

Fremantle lighthouse with the ocean in the background, at sunrise with the cumulus clouds tipped with yellow as the sun comes up. Shine a light on your Fremantle website with an affordable local website package

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