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We offer websites and online marketing options to get your business noticed.
Our story

About Us

Encompass Web Design is a young vibrant business founded by David Cooper in 2018. David started working with HTML in the 90’s and has worked in the design industry for over 20 years. As an experienced project manager, David understands business plans and goals, both short term and long term and works with your business model to create your website encompassing your business plans.

Our Business

Our business principles are based on continued long term support for you and your business. We don’t just create a website and move on to the next. We continue to support and monitor your website to ensure it hits the ground running. We base our business around your business and make your website to your long term strategies and policies. We understand your business goals and plans and create the website accordingly.


Encompass Web Design doesn’t expect you to take over the marketing of the site after hand over. Our web designs come with ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) included, with monthly reports emailed to you. These reports detail your search engine rankings on certain keywords, and searches made by your potential customers. We also include or plan of action for the next months planned tasks.

Websites for All Budgets

Encompass Web Design can create your business website regardless of your budget. With a single, or one page website design we can start your onine presence and grow it though to a full eCommerce site or a online booking system linking all your appointments to your phone. In fact, anything that your business structure intends to evolve into. We build websites that are expandable. We don’t take your site down and remake it, we work with constant streamlined expansion in mind from the start.

Why do We Work This Way?

We believe that a working website involves more that just a design and website launch. In order for your website to work for you, getting you those extra sales and leads, it needs to have constant monitoring in regards to its SEO and upkeep. Web design to us is not just a look, it need to incorporate much more for it to be a working and profitable marketing tool. So contact Encompass Web Design today to discuss your requirements. We will design a business website for your budget and get it generating leads for you.

Flexible Work Flow

Encompass Web Design’s flexible work flow allows you to control the amount of input that you prefer.

To design a website, there are processes involved and Encompass Web Design take each step into careful consideration. this infographic shows the steps research, make a plan, development & test & deliver

What Our Customers Have to Say

Our Web Design Process

The Encompass Web Design Process

Development of a quality product involves much more than the design process itself. We have a thorough step by step approach to your website creation, which allows you to have your say along the way. We believe that regular communication between the designer and the client is paramount in getting that website launched to your liking. Our procedures are as follows:

The Website Consultation

The first stage of the project is to gather as much information about your business as possible. If your business is in the Mandurah, or Peel region, (or even as far as Perth to Bunbury), we will arrange a consultation with you, or your representative, to start this information gathering. If you have a business premises we would like to vist your place of work to gain knowledge of your business. We have have a simply designed set of questions, which are available before the consultation which guide us through the process. The meeting will last at least an hour, but has the potential to run into two.

The Website Plan

This is where we start to work on the plan. We set up the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan, the website sitemap (The page structure and web flow) based on the SEO strategy, and start to develop the content for the pages. We contact you with a detailed planand structure for the website for your feedback.

The Website Design

After The web design plan has been approved we can start setting up the website on a testing server. This is where we implement the Content Management System (CMS) and develop the look and feel of the website, and start incorporating the text and images required. You will be given the testing server address, where you are free to look and comment on the development.

Implementation and Testing

When the design is approved we start impletenting additional coding, quotation forms, contact pages, shopping carts or any other needs that the site required from stage 1 and 2. Making sure that everything is working correctly.

The Website Launch

The site is moved to your domain and rechecked for consistancy. Then we are all ready to launch!

Website Maintenance and SEO Monitoring

After the launch of your website, Encompass Web Design will maintain the site, with regular checks and backups. Our ongoing SEO support will also come into operation, where the SEO strategy from the initial planning will be implemented.

Your Website

Your website will now be operational and with all your backup, SEO monitoring and maintenance needs taken care of. We know that our process will ensure that your online needs are met, and your website will continue to grow with your business.

How we Work

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