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Professional Simple Logo Designs

Creating that instantly recognisable logo through the use of fonts, shapes or a combination of the two will help identify your business in the marketplace.

Branding and Rebranding

Business branding is a key componant of your business and your business plan. Regardless of the size of your company your business brand encompasses who and what you are. Developing or creating that brand logo is very important. At Encompass Web Design we take the time to create that branding logo thats just right for your business branding or rebranding.

image of a mac computer, with a stram of rainbow coloured light effect running through the screen depicting high qualitym simple graphics and logo designs and printing from Encompass Web Design

Minimalist Logo Design

At Encompass Web Design we believe in simple, sleek logo designs that will get you noticed. We place our confidence in minimalist designs because they are easily noticed and readily remembered.

Contact us today and get your brand moving with a logo design from Encompass Web Design, Mandurah.

Logo Portfolio Samples

Encompass Web Design likes to use simple, effective, instantly recognisable shapes, colours and fonts to design a branding logo that is not only easy on the eye, it also is easy to use across all forms of branding materials. Ideal for business cards to billboard signage.
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