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Social media marketing at Encompass Web DesignYour online marketing needs a great strategy for your business to succeed on social media. Getting the balance right between organic posts and paid advertising and identifying your target market and your audience are all important. Encompass Web Design can help your business find its niche online with a creative, individual plan for your marketing needs. To help get you started in the thought process here are the main points that you will need to consider.

Marketing Goals

Initially identifying your marketing goals is paramount to a successful campaign. Use your SMART techniques to identify your goals for each campaign.

Organic Posts

Organic, or your free posts within your social media pages are your foundation for communicating with your customers on social media networks. These posts are your brand. Creating relevant branded organic posts are the building blocks for your online marketing. Organic posts take time and effort to construct a series of consistent branding relevant to your company.

Social media sites are continually changing their algorithms, or the way they present your posts on your follower’s page feeds, as paid marketing has been given a larger slice of the feed promotions. This does not mean that free, organic posts should be dismissed as irrelevant, in fact they still play that vital branding role, and create the landing pages for any pay-per-click advertising.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay-Per-Click posts and advertising have the advantage of being targeted to your specified audience and geographical targets. PPC’s can also hone in on the user’s current search habits, (yes, that spooky bit).

PPC’s generate leads back to your branded content pages, whether that’s your website or your social media pages. PPC’s need to be visually appealing and be able to grab your target market’s attention with a clear call to action such as 25% off for a limited time or buy now!

Organic vs Paid

marketing on social mediaHow should you choose one over the other? Encompass Web Design encourages a blend of the two. Each business is different in terms of goals, target markets and budget, so each business needs to be assessed as to how the balance will work best.

Organic posts take time, effort and patience, but without them your targeted paid posts will be wasted.

Which Social Media Site?

Your customers will use all kinds of different social media sites and apps, depending on their preferences. As you won’t be able to tell which ones each customer uses, you will need to cover as many bases as you feel comfortable with. Ultimately, this, like your website, isn’t all about your business, its about connecting to your customers and network and being available to them. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest are the main starting points. All these social media sites can create valuable and genuine leads for you website and ultimately your business.

Document & Review

Monitor your results through analytics with Google™ and Bing™ and your own hosting logs. Identify areas of success and in need of improvement.
Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Encompass Web Design can create a whole social media marketing plan for you and your business. Contact us today, and get your business growing!

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