Improve Your Facebook Business Page With These Handy Tips


Creating a Facebook business page can be a little daunting. Making it work positively for you can be frustrating. Here are some tips and hints that may help. It’s always good to recheck your about information to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything!


Facebook Business Page About Section

Firstly, check your business contact details and make sure they are kept up to date. Provide all your contact details for your current and potential customers, including your web address, and even your Instagram and twitter accounts.

Engage Your Audience

Engage your audience. Respond to the comments and ideas, share posts, ask questions and create polls. The more interactions you get, the greater your Facebook visibilty will be. Engage and be engaging.

Inspire with Visuals

Catch the eye with a stunning photo. There are many great photo sites that allow free-for-use photos and visuals. Pixabay and Unsplash are just 2 of many. Dazzling photo posts catch the eye, so incoporate them in your material.

Schedule your Posts

Finding your ideal posting time may take a little trial and error. You may find that your ideal posting time is outside your usual work hours, so use the scheduling option to increase the likelihood of appearing in your followers feed.

Create Offers and Codes

Everyone loves a bargain! Announce your offers, specials and promotions through Facebook. You can offer discount codes for your website or for any form of contact to you. Invite your followers to share them.

Make it Shareable

Invite your followers to share your posts and offers. By making your posts informative, funny, or creative and entertaining you increase the chances of getting the information shared. We all use word of mouth for our choices.

Track and Measure

The most important activity you can do is track how things are moving. Check your Facebook page insights on a regular basis. Evaluate each post and their engagements. Which posts work best and at what time? Repeat, repeat, repeat!

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