How does having a website provide greater accessibility?


Websites & customer accessibility
Business websites & customer accessibility

Having a website means you and your business are available to access 24/7. This means that your website needs to operate efficiently, provide effective content and be able to be found through search engines. This enables you to provide the most accessible online presence for your potential, new and existing clients. 

Your website will generally be the first point of contact for many of your potential and new clients. It will be a sales point for some or all of them (depending on your situation) and provide after service customer care.  Careful consideration needs to go into each point of customer service when designing your website because each of these is important factors to consider in accessibility.

 In order to address the customer service requirements in terms of accessibility, there are four areas we would like to highlight.

 1/ Website – Operations and Accessibility

2/ Professionally Designed Website

3/ SEO Support, both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

4/ SEO Aimed at Your Target Market

Website – Operations and Accessibility

Customer access simply states that anyone can access your website at any time of the day or night, it is dependant on their needs, meaning there is constant accessibility.

This requires operational elements to be considered, and your web designer will assist you with these, more than likely without your knowledge.  It is important to understand that how your website operates can have a direct impact on the impression you give your customers and whether they choose to stay on your website.  To give understanding to these,some inclusions are:-

  • reliable web hosting,

  • the speed at which your website loads and operates,

  • correcting any broken links,

  • spelling and grammatical errors,

  • adherence to web accessibility standards, and

  • ensuring SEO provisions are still relevant,

  • ensuring content is up-to-date,

  • downtime notifications are in place in the event the site goes down or is defaced,

  • stability of the site

This all aids in accessibility because if your website operates efficiently then customers will have a better experience when visiting your website.

Professionally Designed Website

 With professional design, your website will give a fully interactive experience, with consideration taken in the selection of the types of pages you feel your website needs.   

The type of pages, to name a few, include:-

  • home page

  • product/services page

  • gallery

  • blog

  • contact us

  • request a quote

  • about us

  • portfolios

  • testimonials

  • latest news

  • pricing

  • FAQs,

  • survey

  • useful links

  • events calendar

Websites are also functional, and provided are some of these:-

  • online billing and invoicing

  • memberships and subscriptions

  • restaurant menus

  • real estate

  • tests and examinations

  • live chat

  • video conferencing or business directory

 What your website needs is dependant on the information you want to provide and your business.  Careful planning can mean not all pages and functions are required right now, but provisions can be made for them in the beginning, therefore allowing for future expansion.

Additionally to the pages considering careful thought, so too does the headings and content written.  Headings play an important role in accessibility as it allows customers viewing your site to obtain the information they are looking for fast and effectively.

Content writing should be able to describe each heading clearly and accurately to anyone viewing your website, and SEO considerations in this process will aid in your website being more readily found in search engines.

SEO Support – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  This simply refers to optimising how readily your website is found in search engines.  The more readily you are found, the more people that will visit your site, the more customers you generate for your business.

 For complete SEO on your website, you need on page SEO and off page SEO.

 On-Page SEO is information provided on the website that will aid in searches done in search engines to find your industry or product/service.  At Encompass Web Design we pride ourselves on incorporating on-page SEO into every website designed, this process entails detailed research and additional content writing to assist you to gain great access for your website. This research is centred around looking at how your customers will find you, and incorporating this into the content written for your website.

 At Encompass Web Design we go a little further and included in our packages we provide ongoing off-page SEO support, with monthly reporting.  This process is technical and while it does not provide instant results, it does provide ongoing results, and when you think of the longevity of your website, ongoing results are better.

 Some of these technical elements include:-

  • the speeding up of your website using code to improve the user experience

  • website HTML optimisation and restructuring

  • link acquisition outreach

  • manual research and outreach

  • all the operational elements described in customer access.

The process is detailed and requires constant research and technique implementation, and the bonus of this is that your website will be more easily found in search engine results.

 SEO Aimed at Your Target Market

 It is extremely important that you provide marketing to your target market, otherwise, the maximum reach you have is limited and the information gets lost.

 Targeted SEO requires that relevant information about every element of your business is taken into consideration, these could include:-

  • Industry

  • product/service

  • location, location availability (because you may be able to access far more than where you are located as an example

  • information topics in blogs

  • keyword searches

 Taking this information into account when providing SEO ensures that the information gets to your target market to generate more solid leads to your website and business.

At Encompass Web Design we are passionate about what we do and are happy to take the time to understand you, your business and product/service, and working with you on the design element to ensure great accessibility, and providing all the technical elements that ensure your website is seen and operates efficiently to entice visitors to browse your website. Contact us today for a chat


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