13 reasons - not to go for a free website builder for your business

20 February 2019 by Web Design 1401 Views
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Free web building websites & services are advertised everywhere and it is easy when starting a small business to think these are a really good starting option. Free websites are great for bloggers and people wanting to get their thoughts out to the world. Using these free platfoms for your business, however, can create problems further down the road.

Here are some things to consider when weighing up whether to utilise the services of a web designer or go down the free do-it-yourself path.

  1. Free web building sites generally use a few templates that you can choose from, whilst this makes designing easy, it generally doesn’t give you the look you are after on your website.
  2. A web designer takes an idea you have and works with you to make that idea a reality, you don’t need to work out how to use a program, or settle for less than you have in mind.
  3. Web hosting is generally added into the price of website design when using a web designer, therefore there is no hidden costs.
  4. Web designers are very aware of what is happening on the internet and with search engine algorythms to be able to get your website seen by more people; therefore, generating more clients and income.  This is both a skill and needs a knowledge base to understand.  The point of a website is to be seen, and these people have the skills to make that happen.  Free web design sites don’t factor this in.
  5. Free web sites have limited functionality and very little room for advancement or changing and they always come with limitations.  When you are setting up your online web site presence you want to make the most of the opportunity by presenting everything you have in mind to others.
  6. Web designers are very aware of online marketing and how to best approach this.  Given marketing is a very important element in any business, it is important to get this right.  A web designer will take the information you provide and assist in making it marketable online to get you the attention you deserve.
  7. Web designers work with you to create what you have in mind.
  8. Built in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is provided by a web designer, meaning that the way the elements of the website are written are enhanced by what people are searching for.  This enables to have your website more widely seen.
  9. Web designers have the skills required to increase the speed at which your website both loads and operates, for example built in videos, and to monitor and make adjustments as and when needed.  Free web building sites do not provide this, it is simply as it is and cannot be adjusted or sped up.
  10. Free web builders do not allow you to have control of what your website is doing, this is controlling any of the technical aspects of the website, from the way your page operates, to the way it is seen, and how often it can be seen by your target market. Web designers provide this service when creating the web site.
  11. Free web design companies are an operational business; therefore, their aim is to have their business promoted as much as possible.  For you, this means that they are not interested how your search engine optimisation behaves, creating a website with them, you are providing them with this service.  SEO is about when you are seen during a search typed into a search engine, Google being the most popular.  It is important that your business have efficient SEO to be seen.  Web designers actually work with you to ensure this is working efficiently for you, at an increasing rate, to help get you seen.
  12. Off page SEO is maximised when working with web designers & developers, because they are able to make adjustments and gain insightful information that is required to understand what your website is doing.
  13. A really important thing to note using free web builders is that you do not own the website you have created.  The free web builder company does, therefore is something happens to that company and for whatever reason you need to move your website to another hosting provider you can’t, and in some situations, this can mean your website is forever lost to you.

Encompass Web Design runs by the mantra building websites that build your business, and this really says it all.  The staff are eager to talk with you and understand your ideas and work toward making them a reality, incorporating the skills and knowledge needed to make your online presence both marketable and be able to reach as many people as possible.  Contact us today for more information.

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