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24 August 2018 by Graphic Design 1767 Views
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Have you Tried Creating A Logo For Your Business?

Have you ever wanted to design a logo? Maybe as a start up business and money is tight you might want to have a go. Here are a few steps that will head you in the right direction.

Vector Images

A common mistake is to try and create a logo using a simple drawing program and make an image file. Creating an image will only look good at the size you created it. A vector image is all done with a mathamatical interface (no seriously, you don't need to do any more maths!) and will create lines, or paths, which can be resized from a business card size to a billboard and still look as fantastic as the day you designed it.

Vector Art Programs

There are many commercial programs which professional designers usually use, but there is a fantastic free open source program. Inkscape. Inkscape is available for all computer formats and is available here.

Vector Logo Video Tutorials

There are some great starting tutorials out in YouTube land, and these are a couple that I recommend. Forst there's Inkscape Basics which is a great starting point for the tools and features available in Inkscape, then move on to Inkscape for Beginners: Logo Design Tutorial which explains a logo design step by step.

Contact Encompass Web Design

Contact us for more information on this or any other logo design. Our Starter websites include a logo design should you need one. Please contact us if you require a logo. We Specialise in modern minimalist logo designs with vector formatting.

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