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30 July 2018 by Online Marketing 1735 Views
Online Marketing Definitions Encompass Web Design
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Online Marketing Definitions

Online Marketing comes with its own set of acronyms. To help cut the jargon they are explained here.

Organic Links

Organic links are the links that show up on search engines and social media sites, whaich are free to create and share and there is no fee to you for users clicking on them.


SEO equates to Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the art of configuring your website to be well found, indexed and ranked by search engines, such as GoogleTM, BingTM and Yahoo!TMand be found by the user or customer within the organic links.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is the paid adverts you take out on search engine sites to be schown on the first few pages of the seach results found by the user. Useful for driving strategically designed trafficstrong> to your other branded pages.


PPC or pay per click is similar to SEM, it not only includes SEM but other forms of pay for click advertising across social media site such as FacebookTM, twitterTM, InstagramTM, PinterestTM and YouTubeTM.

Encompass Web Design will be going into these in more depth over the coming weeks, so if you found this useful, please follow our blog, and please feel free to share this to others who would find this topic interesting.

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